• Sandwich
  • Toasted bread, dip and eggs with cheese
  • Sandwich, salad and ice tea


About us


Named after the Azores islands, the Azorean Café specializes in warm, delicious breakfast and lunch dishes that pay tribute to Azorean /Portuguese cuisine. The warm atmosphere and the friendly service make the Azorean Café the perfect place for individual or group gatherings and a nice stop for a good espresso drink with a delicious sweet pastry.

History, Geography
and Food connection

The Azores is a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean of nine volcanic islands of various sizes. The largest Sao Miguel where the Azorean Café family is originally from is about 747 square kilometers and the smallest is Corvo weighs in at a mere 17 kilometers.

What distinguish
the Azorean cuisine

Azorean cuisine is fresh, organic, country, and rustic the foods are rich with flavors of the main hearty, peasant-based style of cooking. Its exotic flavors from seafood, spicy stews, sweet desserts, a variety of cheeses, fruit jams, and rich dairy products among many others.